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What are the fees?

Transfer: 0.1% (minimum $0.0001, paid by receiving account)
Withdrawal: ~1% (depending on withdrawal method)
Deposit: ~0% (depending on deposit method)

How to use the API?

Tranfer of $0.0005 from account number 1 to account 2:
optional parameters: invoice (must be an int).

History of transfers:
optional parameters: invoice, limit (default: 10), balance=1 (to return current balance).

For accounts marked as public, there is no need to provide the api_key to get the history of transfers:

How to keep my money safe?

  1. Never share your password with anyone.
  2. Access your account only using "safe" devices. If your device has malware, hackers can easily steal the password to your account.
  3. If you suspect that someone knows your password, create a new account and transfer all your money to it.
  4. Consider using multiple accounts. One for daily use where you do not store a lot of money. Another one for larger amounts that you only access sometimes using a secure device.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have provided an email in your account settings, then just contact us.

If your account is not linked to any email address, then unfortunately we can not help you.